Membership management software

Maintain and Grow Your Memberships with MediaOS Membership Management Software

Converting readers to members is the future of publishing, and MediaOS membership management software is here to make it easy for you. Get everything you need from email newsletters to paywalls to event directories and more—all in one easy-to-use platform.

Wordpress Integrations

WordPress Integrations for Newsletters, Paywalls, Forums, and More

Our development team works tirelessly to ensure your WordPress site will always fully-integrate with MediaOS. Custom code can be easily embedded into your site, maintaining a consistent user experience, design, and functionality.

Custom Newsletters for Every Reader

Show your readers you know them. MediaOS member management software uses your data to make sure that every email newsletter you send goes to its perfect audience. Targeting the right demographic means more opens, a higher CTR and better overall reader engagement. 


Searchable Member Directory

For associations and others looking to make their member directories public, MediaOS member management provides a quick, easy search to streamline your members. Members can easily be searched by category, keyword, and sector.

Effortless Newsletter Creation

The system tracks the type of content your subscribers are consuming on your website and dynamically pulls related content into a personalized newsletter.

Customizable Paywalls to Meet Your Needs

We understand every publisher and association is unique. That’s why with MediaOS, you’re in control. Tailor your content offerings to fit your needs and your customer’s preferences.


Offer free articles to engage new readers and convert them into loyal subscribers with the exclusive content behind your custom paywall. We also offer flexible subscription models including:

Collect Valuable Analytics and Customer Insights

Knowledge is power. Gain valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and preferences with our comprehensive analytics. Use this data to make informed decisions, improve content strategies, create targeted email newsletters, and boost subscription rates.

Build Engagement with Community Forums

MediaOS’ Community Forums provide a powerful platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and engagement. Cultivate a vibrant community around your content—ultimately leading to greater brand loyalty and a more interactive reader experience.

Easily Create and Manage Events

With MediaOS membership management, everything seamlessly connects to help you build community and increase revenue.

Embed Calendars on Other Sites

Talk about expanding reach! Your SEO will soar to new heights.

Connect to the Business Directory

Your advertisers are putting on events the community needs to know about, and you can be the source. 

Sell Tickets to
Local Events

Not only can you provide the community with a list of events, you can help them get in, too. 

Automatically Populate Newsletters with Content and Events

MediaOS creates customized newsletters based on the information you have about each of your customers. The system automatically pulls the content, events, and more your customers have been engaging with on the site to create fully customized email marketing without all the work.

Level Up Your SEO with Seamless WordPress Integrations

Wordpress Integrations

Single Sign-On (SSO) Convenience

Integration allows users to log in once to WordPress and access the integrated software without the need for separate login credentials. SSO enhances user convenience, improves security, and simplifies account management.

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