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Level Up Your Email Newsletter Marketing

MediaOS empowers publishers to create powerful, personalized email newsletters and campaigns for your audience and members.

Every Reader Gets a Newsletter Just for Them

Show your readers you know them. MediaOS uses your data to make sure that every email newsletter you send goes to its perfect audience. Targeting the right demographic means more opens, a higher CTR and better overall reader engagement. 


Everything You Need to Grow Your Email Marketing

Save time and money with a full featured approach to your email marketing needs. No need for a third party email plug in anymore. 

Go Beyond the Basics with Targeted Email Newsletters

Emailing newsletters without doing your research could send you to the spam folder, or even cause your readers to unsubscribe. We help you leverage data so that your email newsletters appeal to each individual reader.


Targeted newsletters are the key to earning new subscribers and turning clicks into cash.

Effortless Newsletter Creation

The system tracks the type of content your subscribers are consuming on your website and dynamically pulls related content into a personalized newsletter.

When your subscribers engage with an article in the newsletter, MediaOS sends them to the full article on your webpage and automatically logs them in.

Customization Made Easy

MediaOS enables you to segment your subscribers based on their interests, preferences, behaviors, and the type of content they’re consuming on your website. Easily segment your audience and dynamically pull content from the website into the newsletter. 

Automatically Populate Newsletters with Content and Events

MediaOS creates customized newsletters based on the information you have about each of your customers. The system automatically pulls the content, events, and more your customers have been engaging with on the site to create fully customized email marketing without all the work.

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