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Accurate, Painless Accounting Software for Publishers and Assocations

MediaOS’ accounting software is built to work with your company’s existing sales and invoicing processes. Make your accounting easier with:

Big Business Friendly Accounting

Running a larger business? Not a problem. MediaOS works with enterprise-level accounting platforms, so you can enter your information and see real-time updates, all in one software.

Real Time Outlook with Smart General Ledger Tracking

Give your accounting team an accurate, up-to-date outlook on your company’s accounts receivable’s performance. Our general ledger tracks:

Plus, our integrations and built-in flexibility make accounting a breeze.

Save Time with Full QuickBooks Online Integration

MediaOS is the only software to offer a full two-direction, real-time sync with QuickBooks Online. Your data will automatically sync (both to and from QuickBooks) as soon as it enters the system.


Not using QuickBooks? No worries. MediaOS is able to connect with many of the leading accounting platforms.

Customize Your Transparency

Whatever your needs, our permission settings have you covered. You can:

Choose pre-set transparency settings, or build your own. It’s your data, after all.

Simplify Sales Accounting

In MediaOS, both the CRM and the accounting software work together to simplify everyday sales accounting processes.

Manage Accounting for On-the-Go Teams

No matter what currency you accept, or if your team works in an office, remote, or on-the-go,  MediaOS can adapt to keep your accounts receivable record keeping tidy and accurate. Plus, our app makes selling in the field or even in another country easy. Your team can see real-time inventory and make contracts—right from their phone.

Simplify Commissions Management

Whether you use tiered commissions, paid-on-paid, paid-on-invoice, or targets by product, MediaOS can accommodate. You can also set up bracketing, commission bonuses, and bonuses for earned goals to help incentivize your sales team.

Easily Billing for Any Type of Advertising

Say goodbye to jumping through hoops and laboring through workarounds. Your team can bill by delivery targets like:

MediaOS keeps your billing accurate and up-to-date, and helps you avoid duplicate data entry.

Automate Your Accounting Team

Custom automations in the MediaOS accounting software help you save time on mundane accounting tasks and never miss a beat (or a payment).


Payment Plans

 MediaOS works with your current payment plans to automatically bill your customers for any amount on any dating sequence you set.


Automatically generate and send invoices to your clients based on your business rules, and automate collection reminders to make sure invoices get paid on time.


Save time with automated commission calculations. Sales reps can see their commissions in real-time for some added incentive.

Avoid Reporting Headaches

Accounting software and reporting go hand in hand. Keep it all straight with 100% accurate earned revenue reporting (even with custom payment plans). 

Sell More, Worry Less

You can sell more products without interfering with your accounting. Our accounting software gives you custom reports for earned revenue and revenue still waiting to be collected, so you can keep on top there, too.

Quick Billing

When it comes to billing and invoicing, you get to choose the level of automation you want. Customize our accounting software to suit your company’s needs. After you’ve made a sale, details will automatically be sent to your accounting team. 

Your Data Reports, Your Way

Pull pre-configured reports or create custom reports that combine your data in millions of different ways so that you always get the exact report you’re looking for. 

Pre-Set Reports with MediaOS

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