publishing / editorial management

Make Managing Your
Editorial A Breeze

Editorial management is a massive task. It can be time-consuming and also frustrating. MediaOS cuts out the hassle by organizing all of your editorial content in one place, making it easier than ever to track and manage. 

Editorial Management Made Easy

Whether your content is in-house, freelance, or provided by advertisers, our software can help you manage proofing, versions, and publishing to WordPress. 


Our user-friendly interface simplifies collaboration by centralizing communication and feedback. The software’s features empower you to maintain control over your content pipeline, ensuring a simple process from start to finish.

Organize Freelancers

Keeping track of your freelancers can feel a bit like herding cats. We’re here to help! With MediaOS, you can:

Say Goodbye to Decision Fatigue

Our editorial management software is easy to navigate, meaning you can delegate high priority tasks and still get the same high level results. 

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