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Learn from the Leading 'Best of' Contest Provider In the Country

MediaOS partnered with the leading “Best of” Contest provider to bring you the best practices and proven strategies he used to reach $1.5 million in revenue from his contest alone.


So whether this is your first time at it or you’ve been doing “Best of” Contests for years, we’ve got the strategies and resources to help you supercharge your efforts and increase revenue.

Build Value. Make More Money.

Automatically Syncs with Your Newsletters

MediaOS’ “Best of” Contest works seamlessly with the email newsletter component, letting you easily market your contest with the click of a button.

Prevent Ballot Stuffing with Secure Voting

Security is always important, especially when it comes to voting. With MediaOS, you can feel confident your contest is fully secure and able to prevent ballot stuffing. 


Plus, we’ll share industry-leading best practices you can use to increase the security and privacy of your campaign, like removing ads from the ballots to promote a sense of unbiased voting.

Easily Create Your "Best of" Contest with Drag-and-Drop WordPress Widgets

MediaOS provides a fully built out WordPress component for all your best of contests—so you get all the SEO credit. Plus, you’ll get WordPress widgets your clients can place on their websites as well.

Get More Votes with Seamless Sign-in

No more clunky interactions where your readers have to remember (or reset, are we right?) they’re passwords every time they want to vote. MediaOS automatically remembers your readers and seamlessly logs them in.

Dive Deeper with Todd Lemke, the Leading "Best Of" Contest Provider

Todd Lemke, Leading "Best of" Contest Provider

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