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Maximize Your Advertising
Impact with Advanced Digital Ad Server

Streamline your campaign delivery and optimize your targeting with MediaOS’ cutting-edge digital ad server technology.

Your Metrics, Your Way

When it comes to reporting metrics, the MediaOS ad server plays a crucial role in tracking and analyzing the performance of your digital ads. Easily generate reports that provide detailed insights that can be customized to show specific metrics, time frames, geographic breakdowns, and more.

Your Metrics, Your Way

With our ad server solutions, you have the ability to create unique, fully customizable ads. No crazy logistics or hoop jumping, we promise. Optimize your campaign delivery and targeting. 

Fully Integrated

Fits effortlessly within your tech stack, streamlining ad sales, creation and delivery.

Easily Drops into Site

Can it really be as simple as copy and paste? Yes it can. 

WordPress Friendly

If WordPress is your thing, we’ve got you covered. We’re just here to make it easier.

Convenient and Easy

Ads instantly serve over from the system, updating in real-time.

Compatible with Google Ad Manager

Digital sales is becoming a more essential piece for long-term revenue growth for publishers. That’s why MediaOS was the first ad sales CRM software with integrated ad server to also connect to Google Ad Manager, giving you a complete view of your online ad sales and revenue. Oh, and did we mention that our Google Ad Manager integration is included at no extra cost to our premium users?

Easy-to-Use Ad Server

Simply copy and paste the provided code, and your desired ads will appear on your website. Easily track all metrics as you target and serve your ads successfully.

Efficient Ad

Ads are delivered efficiently to the right audience at the right time. They use advanced targeting options to match ads with users who are most likely to be interested in the content, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Tracking & Metrics

Receive detailed and accurate metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, viewability, and more. Measure the performance of your campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Ad Rotation &
Frequency Capping

Rotate different creatives within a campaign, preventing ad fatigue and ensuring that users see fresh and relevant ads. Frequency capping also helps prevent users from being bombarded with the same ad repeatedly, improving the user experience.

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