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Connect Members with Local Products and Services with MediaOS Business Directory

With MediaOS’ business directory, you can invite local businesses to share their information with your readers. This is a valuable resource for consumers seeking products and services and can also benefit businesses by increasing their online visibility and attracting potential customers.

Revenue Generating Solutions

Your advertisers can set themselves apart by purchasing premium listings on your directories. Through the Business Directory, ‘Best Of’ Directory, and Expo Directory, they’ll enjoy increased exposure and SEO optimization while you enjoy increased revenue.

Premium Listing Options in the Directory

The business directory comes with revenue generation opportunities. For a fee, local businesses can choose to sign up as a Premium Listing, allowing them to promote their events in the publication’s email newsletter (pending approval from publisher). It’s a fully-automated process that makes producing an email newsletter a piece of cake.

Data Collection and Insights

Collect valuable data on user behavior, such as which businesses are most popular or which categories of businesses readers are interested in. These insights can inform content strategies and help refine advertising and marketing efforts.

Retain All SEO Benefits

A well-structured online business directory can improve your publication’s website search engine optimization (SEO). The directory listings can include relevant keywords and location-specific information, helping the website rank higher in search engine results for relevant queries.

Added Value for Advertisers

Inclusion in the online business directory can be an added benefit to your advertising package. Being listed in the directory provides additional exposure and visibility to potential customers, strengthening the value proposition for businesses advertising in the magazine.

New Revenue Stream

Charging a fee for businesses that want to be listed in the directory creates an additional source of income for your magazine, helping support your operations and content creation.

Enhanced Reader Experience

A curated and comprehensive directory can act as a valuable resource, allowing readers to find local businesses, products, and services related to the topics they are interested in.

Increased Website Traffic

Readers may spend more time on your website, searching for businesses and interacting with listings, meaning higher website traffic and improved user retention.

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