Omaha Magazine: Client Case Study

Omaha Magazine Ltd. faced challenges in their sales processes due to using paper-based methods and scattered data. This hindered their ability to coordinate as a team and resulted in a lack of comprehensive sales reporting. After switching to Media, a platform that connects sales, production, and accounting, Omaha Magazine saved time and was able to create custom reports, pipelines, and projections. They also started selling digital advertising, increasing revenue potential. Additionally, Media reduced labor overhead costs by eliminating the need to hire additional personnel to cope with inefficiencies.

The Power of Using Goals to Incentivize Employees

Setting goals is a powerful way to incentivize employees in the sales industry. By allowing sales reps to set their own goals, they feel a sense of ownership and accountability. Transparently tracking progress towards these goals keeps employees motivated, while real-time adjustments and additional opportunities drive them to surpass their goals. Incentives, such as awards and trips, further motivate employees to achieve and exceed their goals. These goals also serve as a tracking program, helping to identify any issues or areas for improvement in the sales process.

How Data Can Improve Your Top of Funnel Marketing Campaigns

Using data to personalize marketing messages is crucial for standing out and capturing people’s interest in a highly saturated advertising environment. Research shows that consumers prefer personalized ads, and data can be collected through various methods such as data capture tools and scraping websites. This data can then be used to create personalized connection messages and warm up leads through email campaigns, personalized voicemails, and text messages. Calculating the results of integrating data into campaigns and following best practices for personalization can lead to higher response rates and conversions.

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