Platform / Software Customizations

Powerful Software Customized to Meet Your Business Needs

Our robust, customizable, and flexible software is designed to make your life easier. MediaOS gives you the ability to design and brand all communication, invoices, and contracts through an easy-to-use interface.

Pipeline Customization

MediaOS offers the ultimate flexibility in customizing your process through pipelines. Whether it’s Leads, Artwork Design, Invoice Collection or many others, pipelines can either help take your current workflow and process to the next level.


By clearly defining how you do business in MediaOS, you:

Customized Reporting Software

Customizable dashboards and reporting features allow you to choose and arrange widgets to display the metrics and data most relevant to your business, allowing you to get an instant overview of key performance indicators.

Custom Proposal and Contract Templates

Create and customize proposal and contract templates with your branding and preferred layouts. This ensures your documents have a consistent look and feel, reflecting your company’s identity.

Add Custom Fields

MediaOS allows you to create custom fields to capture and store additional information specific to your business and workflows. You can define custom data fields for leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, so you can tailor the CRM to match your unique data requirements

Customize Your Email and Communication

You can personalize and customize email templates for various communication purposes, such as follow-ups, reminders, and notifications, maintaining consistent branding and messaging. 

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