Publishing / ad proofs

Easy Ad Proofing and Approvals

Thanks to our ad proofing software, keeping track of designs, logos, phone numbers and other ad elements are no longer overwhelming. MediaOS jumpstarts the ad proofing and approval process by organizing these elements and making them easy to manage. On our platform, you can:

Simplify Your Ad Proofing Process


Move from digital ad production, to approval, to placement all within one platform with our built-in Google Ad Manager integration. 


MediaOS stores artwork and production assets so you can see which ads have run and quickly revise them for renewals. 


Our asset library is compatible with all common ad formats. 

Advertiser Satisfaction

In MediaOS ad proofing software, your advertisers can make notes on ad proofs, ask for reviews, and reject or approve designs—all in one easy to use platform. Just look at the revised proof, and you’ll know: 

Easy and Open Communication

No more keeping up with a million different email chains or communication silo-d in a designer’s inbox. MediaOS helps you keep all communication clear, effective, and in the open so you can get your work done.

Save Time with Studio Design Services

Gain access to an expert team of on-demand designers with MediaOS’ Studio Ad Design and Studio Pagination services. We’ll provide quick and easy production help with turnaround in as little as two hours—all within the software your team is already using.

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