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Easily Produce, Approve, and Launch Your Digital Ads with Google Ads Manager Integration

MediaOS’ Google Ads Manager integration helps media companies and digital agencies move faster, sell more, and stay organized. 

Creating and Selling Digital Ads Made Easy.

MediaOS’ easy-to-use features and Google Ads Manger integration allow for faster production, easy delivery, and accurate invoicing—so you can level up your team’s productivity by keeping the entire process in one platform.


Build, design, and launch ads all within MediaOS, without the hassle of transferring between platforms.


Clients can see ads, approve, and request changes inside MediaOS, keeping all your communication in one place.


The MediaOS CRM automatically pulls in delivery results from Google Ad Manager and creates invoices, freeing up your sales team to focus on selling more.

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Software Built for All Channels

MediaOS was built from the ground up to support nearly all types of advertising. No adaptations or workarounds needed.

Flexible for Your Sales Team

The Google Ads Manager integration is like giving your sales team access to Google Ad Manager without the extra cost. Now, they can easily sell:

All without spending the extra time pulling data and creating invoices. You can even set up specified templates for your team so they can adjust targeting criteria.

Upgrade Your Sales Team's Productivity.

MediaOS’ Google Ads Manager integration upgrades your entire team’s productivity, from development to sales. The integration gives sales teams flexibility on what can be sold and easily tracks data and results for their invoicing and your reporting.

Get a Complete View of Online Ad Sales and Revenue.

MediaOS’ CRM automatically pulls delivery results, allowing you to see data on current ad sales and revenue without spending the time tracking it down.

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