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Omaha Magazine: Client Case Study

Why the switch to MediaOS?

Omaha Magazine Ltd. publishes six print publications, as well as a host of massively popular custom publishing products, such as Best of Omaha and Faces of Omaha. Yet their success was hindered by a big problem—much of their sales processes were carried out on paper. With much of their data hidden away within individual files and an array of spreadsheets to keep track of their moving pieces, it was becoming difficult to find the time necessary to coordinate as a team.

Without a single platform connecting Omaha Magazine’s stakeholders and sales data, there was another issue that was affecting growth: a lack of comprehensive sales reporting. Without their business vital signs available at a glance, employees were unable to gauge performance on the fly.


The Result

“We weren’t selling digital before MediaOS. The software has made our jump to digital feel seamless.”

Todd Lemke, Publisher, Omaha Magazine

Now, with a platform that syncs their sales, production, and accounting, Omaha Magazine is not only saving time, they are also able to create custom reports, pipelines, and projections that help them track their goals. They’ve also started selling digital advertising, which has increased the revenue potential across their suite of products.

Another clear business advantage that stems from MediaOS is a reduction in labor overhead costs. According to Todd Lemke, Omaha Magazine’s Publisher, if the business had not switched to MediaOS, 1-2 additional personnel would have been hired to cope with the inefficiencies created by their former processes.

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